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Oct 25, 2019

When I try to think of ways to explain to you what kind of people Bob + Keely are, one thing specifically comes to mind. To give a little back story, Keely and Bob and I worked together at a local bakery in town. A place you will spend a lot of time together, especially on the holidays. Keely and I quickly became friends, and her boyfriend (now husband), Bob started working there soon after. They knew my husband. They all went to school together, so it was an easy connection. Our work hours are early mornings, any where between 2am – 5am is when our day started.

The day Alton and I got married, we wanted them there. It was a small wedding, full of people we love, and it was also on a Tuesday, so most people worked the next day. Including Bob + Keely. They had an early Wednesday morning, but were some of the last ones to leave the bonfire after our wedding. Their comment was, “You only get married once, we can catch up on sleep later.” I don’t know about you, but having friends, nonetheless people like them in our life is truly amazing. Getting to photograph their lives again is just another moment in life documented. I cherish these two. They give their all in everything they do.

Enjoy a little glimpse from their session.

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