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Feb 16, 2020

I am here to give some tough (meaningful) love.

I know what you’re thinking. Booking a photographer is easy. Ask your family friend who is a photographer to take pictures of your family. No biggie, right?


One way I can explain how IMPORTANT it is to hire the right photographer for your needs is like this: 

As females, or males, you have an idea of how you want your home to look. Everything from the colors of the walls to the design of the furniture, having your bedding be the perfect, fluffy, and picturesque comforter while having the little decorative pillows accent the colors of your walls. I think I know a little about how we work. Don’t even get me started on the kitchen!

When you have these designs in mind, you don’t go to a furniture store that builds minimalistic bed side tables and a chic look if you are wanting that very classic wooden dresser set. Would you? They clearly don’t offer that type of work, because they specialize in a minimalistic vibe. That is what they offer.

Same goes for wardrobe, shoes, etc. 

Just like retail stores, photographers have their own specific style, too! Whether that is artistic, classical, minimalistic, clean and edgy, moody, muted tones, bright and airy. It is THEIR style. What sets THEM apart from other photographers, and you haven’t even gotten to experience, well, their experience, yet.

It is vital to understand not to hire someone because you “know them”. Because they are a “family friend” or a relative. BUT if they happen to be exactly what you’re looking for, then man, you are lucky.

Here are ways to look for and book your ideal photographer:


Depending on what type of session you are wanting, google things like “(what city you are in) photographer” or if you are wanting to elope, google “Elopement Photographers”. Etc.

Know your style.

Know what type of photographer you love. Is it because of their creative perspective? Their editing style? Their personality? Could you imagine yourself being in one of their photos?

Wanting to know more info?

Ask questions. Typically, most photographers have their email address as a “contact” on their Instagram page. Emailing is a better way to reach out to a photographer vs Direct Messages. Dm’s can get lost and possibly not seen at all!

Another GREAT way is going to their website, finding the “booking” or “contact” page and filling out your info there! On my website, to inquire you have to give me more info than just your name and email. It’s important to see where you are with the whole booking process.

Ask friends and family members.

Ask them if they have worked with a photographer they love. For instance, maybe you saw photos of your friend and his/her family, and LOVED that photographer. You can ask them for more information, or how they liked working with that photographer, etc. It’s a great way to find out more info and trusting the info from the person you are talking to!


Probably my go to spot for finding a photographer if I am wanting to hire them for some updated photos or a couples session, etc. You can also search hashtags on Instagram to find a photographer in your location or where you may be traveling to, to maybe find the one for you!

Just remember,

When investing in a photographer, remember, you are investing in their time, their knowledge, the experience and professionalism they offer in return for photos of moments that are now going to last a lifetime. I promise you, the right photographer for you will be worth every penny and more.

When hiring a photographer, trust them. It is their job to help make sure you get everything you need for the shoot, information, etc. Not every photographer is the same. They won’t have the same booking or planning process, everyone is at a different level. Some may be more experienced than others, but we all started somewhere!

Those are a few tips that I would give when booking a photographer. Connecting with your photographer is the most important thing. I can’t stress that enough! I would rather you tell me you decided we weren’t right for each other than booking me and hating the photos. I have my specific style just as other photog’s have theirs. No offense taken.

As always, if you have any questions about booking photographers, reach out. I try to help as much as I can.

So good luck on finding your perfect fit in the photography world!

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