Four of my favorite reusable items to travel with!

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Jun 23, 2020

Okay okay. I know if you’re striving for that waste-free life like me, you hate traveling through airports, especially when your stomach is growling…or maybe you just want some coffee…or hot chocolate.

Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t do “zero waste” perfectly. I know for a fact that I’m no master at creating zero waste, but you’re trying, and that’s what really matters!

I wanted to share some of my favorite things I bring with me when I travel (on a plane)..and things I use everyday!


A reusable water bottle. I prefer to use either my byta bottle, or this turquoise green/blue colored bottle. Why? I always travel with my backpack. In my backpack has all of my gear, BUT I love having one of these bottles with me because they have a handle/loop I can use to strap my bottle onto my backpack and not have to worry about it rolling around on the plane, or sitting it down and forgetting about it.

The MAIN reason I recommend bringing a reusable water bottle is because you can use it while traveling! You save your $4-5 (bottled water is expensive) and you won’t be creating more waste!

The way you can use it when flying/traveling through airports..especially if you have connecting flights is by having it (your bottle) empty before going through security. Once you get past security, you can fill your reusable bottle back up with water from a fountain and be on your way!


Something to bring snacks in! From my understanding as long as it is “packaged” you can go through security with the food. Definitely no liquids, though. So bringing a silicone bag like a Stasher and/or reusable containers (I like my stainless steel containers) for left overs. You can also bring fruits and it’s healthy, too!

A little travel hack: I don’t necessarily always keep my stainless steel containers in my personal bag (because I don’t have much space to begin with), so I will pack them in my suitcase and fill them with things like my shampoo & conditioner bars or with socks and underwear to save some space! Of course, make sure to clean them before using it, but it’s a great way to bring them along!

Now, the stashed bag can be folded and compact, so if I don’t have any snacks in it, I can fit it almost anywhere pretty easily.


Reusable cutlery. I bring these everywhere. They don’t take up a lot of space and they have everything I need: fork, spoon, knife (it’s not sharp), and chopsticks (not really good at using these, but hey, I may need them one day). They are the perfect alternative to plastic cutlery and you can just wash them or rinse them off to use again!

Or instead of going out and buying some, just bring a fork and spoon and wrap it in a towel to bring with you!


The fourth thing, super simple, reusable towels or napkins. I have the UNpaper towels from Marley’s Monsters. I love these because they are the size of a paper towel, and they don’t stain super easy! At least they haven’t for me. If you don’t want to buy new, use old, cut up t-shirts, or a dish towel or bathroom hand towel that you already have at the house!

I know there are so many different ways you could go about traveling sustainably, but those are definitely four things I keep with me at all times when I travel! Of course, there are more sustainable goodies inside my suitcase, but that we will save that for another day!

Enjoy your sustainable journey!! Tag me if you use any of these! I’d love to see 🙂

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