Gift Ideas for the Holidays that are eco friendly or sustainable!

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Jan 24, 2021

It’s been on my mind to be more eco friendly in not only my house hold but spreading the love to my close friends and family members! What I really intended was to share this before the holidays but life got in the way and it is now being shared…ehhhh about a month later!

Sustainable Gift Ideas:

Marley’s Monsters

I love Marley’s Monsters! I found them through the Package Free Shop, and I’m so glad I did. They have widened their abilities to offer more sustainable and reusable options that are hand made and they have started using their scraps and making them into jump ropes and scrubbers for the kitchen!

Here’s a few of my favorite items:


I have not personally tried Blueland products yet, but I’M SO EXCITED TO! I have heard about them multiple times before and if you are unaware of what they offer, they provide house hold cleaning items that come with spray bottles, and tablets for cleaners! So all you have to do is add water and the tablet and then you have your cleaner! It’s not only a great way to reduce the amount of spray bottles you may buy with “traditional” cleaners, but also it cuts back on CO2 emissions because the weight of each package is lighter since there isn’t any liquid in the bottles when being shipped–just the bottles and the tablets!

A couple of things I am specifically excited to try is the Dish Duo and the hand soap. The Dish Duo has a reusable silicone shaker and POWDER Dish Soap! ( How cool is that?) The second half of the “Duo” is a reusable steel tin that holds 40 Dishwasher tablets! Then you can buy refills of them all, that come in paper packaging. WIN freaking WIN. The hand soap comes in a glass bottle (which I love) and the tablets for the foaming hand soap! I love this because it cuts out that extra waste for traditional hand soap.

The Package Free Shop

Where do I even begin with the Package Free Shop?? I found out about the Package Free Shop because of watching Youtube videos on sustainability. The founder, Lauren Singer happened to be in one of my videos I was watching (specifically giving a Ted Talk about sustainability) and that’s when I went hunting for more about her, and found the PFS.

They have everything, from things for your kitchen, to bedroom, for babies, and pets, and bathrooms. A great place to shop, and they send everything package free (hence the name). I love this company and I would much rather support them than Amazon. Just sayin’.


Another item on my list of things to try! I have heard great things about Dropps. They are a great alternative to laundry detergents, and honestly pretty affordable especially if you end up with a discount code 😉 If you download an app on your web browser called Honey, it’s an easy way to find coupons and save money!


My FAVORITE reusable cups right here. I have used Byta for 2(ish) years now! I can’t tell you how I found them because I don’t quite remember, but I’m so glad I did. They wanted to find a solution to reduce disposable coffee cups, and in my opinion, they knocked it out of the park.

My husband and I have 16 oz cups. They fit perfectly in your hand, and cup holders (a big one if you’re always on the go) and easy to drink out of! I’m kinda picky about the drink hole on cups like these, but this is is perfect. Nonetheless they keep your drinks hot or cold 🙂

Almond Cow

We got this for my mom for her Birthday this past year, and she loves it! A lot of nut milks you buy from the grocery store have a lot of fillers in them, and if you have a busy life, this is a really easy way to make your own milk from home! It seriously takes a few minutes to process. You can make basically any nut milk you can think of! This is on my list to buy when we are back in the states!

Say Noap

OKAY. If you ever wanted to try shampoo and conditioner bars, you will want to try these….and never go back to anything else. Hands down, the best shampoo and conditioner bars that I have tried. The shampoo bar lasts me about 3 wish months, has a light feel, lathers so easily and well, and smells amazing. The conditioner bar is multi-purpose. So you can of course use it as a conditioner or even use it when you get out of the pool or lake to give your hair some moisture back from the chlorine or lake water. The bars are designed to withstand the heat, so you won’t have to worry about it melting away, either. I promise you will love this company. (and the owners are bad ass women).

BITE Toothpaste Bits

The best option I have found for toothpaste alternative! They are in bite form, come in a glass jar, and have compostable refill bags when you need more!

Stasher Bags

Stasher bags is your answer to swapping out those plastic ziplock bags. We only have a few of these in our home, but they get used frequently! They can be microwaved, put in the freezer or the oven, and are dishwasher safe! They give tips and tricks on their Instagram page (@stasherbag) and come in so many colors and sizes!

Leaf Shave Razor

A sustainable razor that is 3 bladed..goodbye safety razor! …okay, not really. I still have my safety razor because it’s still a good product, but I definitely prefer this one more.

I have been using this razor for almost year and I love it. It’s the best option for a sustainable razor and cuts back on waste because the blades are recyclable!

Primally Pure

If you’re looking for a non-toxic skincare routine, you can find it here. I love Primally Pure! Specifically the baby balm, and cleansing oil — my go to’s.


Personally haven’t tried this brand yet, but I am excited to! I know one of my cousins has a pair (or a few) and has said nothing but good things about them!

Anna Luisa (jewelry)

I found this company on Instagram! They are a sustainable jewelry company, so the products will be a bit more expensive, but totally worth it! I’ve been getting more into wearing dainty jewelry…especially in gold (give me all the gold tones) so I will be keeping an eye on them for my next jewelry purchase!

Outerknown (Clothing Company)

With any sustainable company, their products will be more expensive than those fast fashion companies, but it’s worth it! I normally try to shop local or second hand, but if I don’t I would always opt for a sustainable brand. Outerknown has a lot of neutral pieces that can be worn with many different things! It’s important to have a wardrobe that pairs well together. Like having more neutral tones so you can mix and match more items.

Pact (clothing company)

Pact is another clothing company that offers a lot of simple pieces that can be layered. Their pricing seems pretty reasonable and they are a sustainable and ethical company, which I love love love!

There you have it! Some sustainable options to give to your friends and family or add to your own Christmas List!

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