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I'm Madi

Boudoir has had its own stigma for so long. I wanted to help change that by creating a space for women to feel confident, to feel sexy and beautiful. To feel empowered and to feel like themselves again!

I think at some point in life, we all feel that need to be who we used to be, or look how we used to, but I want you to embrace your body how it is. Right now. Nothing is better than hearing "no way that's me!!" or "damn I look good!" and just hearing women speak about themselves in a way we are often shamed for. 

There's no pressure here. There are no expectations, no standards to hit, no judgment, no need to feel shamed or like you don't deserve to feel good about yourself, because you do.

How I got started...


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what the clients are saying 

" I was nervous for about 5 seconds and then I just had fun with it. I never once felt ashamed of my body .."

"She is everyone's best friend and photographer wrapped up into one"

"Once I saw her work and how she uses the female gaze to show who her clients are, the choice was easy."

" I ended up purchasing my entire gallery cause they were all amazing. I definitely recommend her to anyone that’s never done shoots, or have before. "

"My boudoir shoot was more than empowering! Madi hyped me up the whole time and made the whole experience so comfortable! I can’t wait to use her for more sessions! She’s the best!"

"I felt so confident after receiving my photos. If you are on the fence, do it! You won't regret it and Madi will help you every step of the way!"







Sessions starting at $450

Frequently Asked Questions


How much is due at booking?

Great question! I require a  $200 retainer to reserve your session date! The retainer does go towards your total amount of the session. (Ex: $900 session - $200 retainer = $700 remaining that is due for your session)

Are payment plans an option?

YES! Interest free payment plans are always an option! Just ask! We can set up a plan that works well for you. Just remember, products and images will be delivered after the invoice has been paid in full! 

Can I wear/bring things other than just lingerie?

Yes, of course! This session is yours, so you can do what you feel most comfortable wearing! Some girls love bringing a cute cover up or robe, or off the shoulder sweater! 

How many photos come in the gallery?

It depends on your session package!

Do you edit/Photoshop my Body?

I do not edit or photoshop your body. It's just not something I want to stand behind. I want you to see these photos and KNOW that THAT is YOUR body. My goal is for you to feel confident and love your body, not ever to feel like it has to change or be altered to be beautiful.

Do I have the option to buy more images, prints or albums?

Yep! I definitely suggest printing your photos. Albums are best for boudoir, since it is a more private type of session, so all of the photos are in one place. 

Since boudoir is a private and personal type of shoot, and I respect my clients, request to follow my boudoir Instagram (ladies only): @madirichardsonboudoir

or inquire for a session if you would like to book! 

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