"Human touch.

Our first form of communication. Safety, security, comfort, all in the gentle caress of a finger.Or at the brush of lips on a soft cheek. 

 It connects us when we are happy, 

bolsters us in times of fear,

excites us in time of passion ... 

 ... and love,

we need that touch from the one we love almost as much as we need air to breath."

- a quote from the movie "Five Feet Apart"

Images that make you feel.

Inspired by human touch.

Inspired by kids.

Never forget to play

By music and the everyday

Inspired by love.

You know those moments in life when you're so full; Full of love. Full of happiness. When you're with some of your favorite people and just want life to stay like this forever? 

So...what are "Documentary Sessions"?

Ah, so glad you asked. 
I can take those picture perfect photos. Ya know, the ones that are beyond 'grammable and would be saved in everyone's Pinterest board. But I'm not going to, and here's why.

Most of the time, when we lead with that intent, it stops there. When you look back at your photos, I don't want you to think these are awesome pictures, but I wish we would have taken photos that were US. That you can remember how uncomfortable you felt in a certain pose or that your personalities weren't fully captured.

Documentary sessions give you the space and freedom to be who you are, and remember those feelings. You can practically hear your husband's laugh, or how it felt holding your newborn baby as you adjust to parenthood.

That doesn't mean you won't have cool photos or we can't create some beautiful imagery. We are just going to make sure they feel more you in the process. I'm here to capture your life exactly how it is meant to be remembered. So you don't have to.

those are the memories I want to capture for you, so you can keep reliving them over and over.

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