Art + intention

There's two sides of photography that I have found I thrive in. I love that they are all creative in their own ways - documentary photography is more candid because I get to follow you and your family around capturing these moments that are candid and fun. The other side is creative / editorial work - there's the structure but the freedom of creativity.

I always strive to give everything in each shoot, and always want to get to know you before the shoot. 

No pressure

I want you to make your session more about the experience, truly taking time to focus on the moment, and less about a "have to" or something you want to "get it over with". Just be here to have a good time, make the most of it! Even if you hate having your picture taken, I promise there will be at least a few you will love.

Show up as yourself, don't feel pressured to act like someone you aren't, if you're more outgoing and bubbly or may have quite the sense of humor, let it shine! I want to photograph who you really are, and the only way to do so is by you being yourself. 

If you have kids/booking a family session, let your kids be kids. Don't stress about them being perfect, because no one is! 

Travel + availability

Living in Europe, there are so many possibilities, places to see and go for photos! With the documentary style, I especially love the traveling side of it. I want you to have moments you can enjoy, especially if you are the one always behind the camera taking photos of your love or family! (I know how ya feel!) I prefer being behind the camera, but there are some moments I wish I took advantage of being in front of it, especially seeing these beautiful views and photos to have to remember it. 

Availability - whether you are wanting to book a session while I'm in the states or wanting one in Europe, I do have limited availability! My session dates are first come, first serve, so if you are even thinking about it, go ahead and fill out the contact form to get your date in my books! If it's far enough out, we don't have to the exact location yet, but it's best to be in my books so I can reserve that time for you.


I want you to pick the locations, for a couple of reasons, that way it is more meaningful to you - whether it's somewhere new or a place you hold close to your heart. I am always always up for helping find locations, scouting, etc., but just want to make sure you choose what you love. 

If it's a creative/editorial shoot, then I will be more specific about locations, since we will be building out this vision for the shoot. 

Embracing Life

Okay, I'm going to get a little "What is Life" thoughts out there. If you know me, or follow me, you know I share about this often haha. 

You only have one life, you're only going to experience this moment one time. Why not live it to the fullest? Why not make the most out of it? Embrace what's happening and just dive in without testing the waters first. For instance, if it just starts pouring down at our session, let's freaking go Notebook style and have that romantic moment in the rain. When it's over, and you look at your photos, you will say "Oh man, I remember this started pouring down rain and we were soaked, but we had so many good laughs." 

No Sugar Coating

Show up as yourself. Seriously! I want to come to the session and get to know you, what are your hobbies, or favorite things to do? Where have you traveled? What is your favorite place you've visited so far? Who's your best friend? Ya get me? 

Don't be afraid to ask questions. We are a team! We will plan this shoot together. My main focus is for this session to be what you imagined.

I'm not here to sugar coat. The posey vibes aren't for me, so expect your shoot to be candid and real. I'm that person who leads with genuine emotions and wanting to serve you guys with the most quality and value that I can, so I am asking you, please be yourself.

Are we the right fit?

This is very important for me. If you don't think I would be the right photographer for you, then tell me! That's okay. I would rather you find the photographer who is going to give you what you were looking for! There are so many talented photographers out there, that I will gladly help you find/refer you to. 

My style

My style is constantly evolving. I never want to settle or feel content with my work, because I know we are always growing and learning. Being an artist, a lot of my personal experiences are intertwined in my work. I wouldn't know how to classify my style, really. Im just focused on the subject (you), the emotions and light. 


let's begin this journey, reach out here.