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Grandparent Sessions

Outdoor Boudoir

Studio Sessions

I have a few different types of sessions I'm offering this spring and thought it would be easier to have them all in the same place! 

You'll find info for each down below. 

Don't worry, if these aren't what you're looking for, you're more than welcome to book a session through the 

contact page.

Studio Sessions



What type of sessions

The sessions will take place in a studio space in Newburgh, IN!

You can book these for a weekday or weekend. Just allow enough time to ensure bookings for studio are set! So, if you are set on a specific date, just know it may have to change!

Studio sessions are great for a stripped back, creative, vibe. I think of these sessions are whimsical, editorial, full creation. Perfect for couples, motherhood sessions, growth sessions (a spin off of boudoir). 


For an hour session, the full creative process working together on a mood board, creating the vision for your photos, a studio space, and potential props (backdrop), with all inclusive images. You'll have the option for up to two outfits during the session time.


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