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Read this if you want great hair.

If you have sacrificed good quality products for more eco friendly options, you’re not alone. I really took everything serious once my city no longer recycled plastic bottles: water bottles, bottled shampoo & conditioner and body wash, hair care products that were full of Argan oil to apply to your hair after the shower because […]


Plastic Free July! Easy ways to reduce plastic waste.

Plastic Free July is basically what it sounds like! Doing everything you can to reduce your plastic waste for the month of July (at least!). I wish everyone was trying to reduce their single use plastic waste, but I know, with any new habit or lifestyle, it takes baby steps. Which is why I love […]


Four of my favorite reusable items to travel with!

Okay okay. I know if you’re striving for that waste-free life like me, you hate traveling through airports, especially when your stomach is growling…or maybe you just want some coffee…or hot chocolate. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t do “zero waste” perfectly. I know for a fact that I’m no master at creating zero […]


Why I became more sustainable.

It’s pretty normal nowadays to hear the words: Sustainable, zero waste, eco-friendly, compostable, vegan, etc. You’ve heard them, too, right? I’m seriously beyond proud of the people who believed in these things before it was “popular”. The people who stuck with it even if other people would make fun of them or give them a […]